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  Ways to Reach Us
6 Km From Palghar Station
100 Km From Mumbai
1 ½ Hrs Train Journey from Mumbai
Welcome to Samarth Krupa Farm
Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism Farm a welcoming retreat for nature lovers and those who appreciate home-made, local cuisine is in Palghar Taluka easily accessible by train and roadways which is just 6 kilometres from Palghar Railway Station. By road it is around 100kms from Mumbai and by train 1 and a half hour journey. Here you have several options for a full agro tourism experience. It starts with a leisurely walk where you can spend as much time as you like visiting the various elements of an organic farming.

An authentic experience, in which visitors meet producers on their farms, in their living environments, amid their fields, animals, buildings, and the rural landscapes. For a mini vacation or learning where your food comes from experience, stay overnight in our cosy Farm of 15 acres. With the increased awareness of sustainability, health and the desire to become educated on where food comes from, agro tourism is a growing travel trend.
Bamboo House
These two exclusive rooms have a  woody bamboo feel with a picturesque view and modern exteriors. Each room is suitable for a family of 3-4 member’s.
Bamboo Hut
Rustic experience in a bamboo hut with basic amenities like toilet and with Warli paintings to add more feel for a stay.
Rest House
We have Rest House with single rooms and dormitory has a garden view equipped with all modern facilities.
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