Bamboo-House cottage (1 Below Non-AC & Above AC)
These two exclusive rooms have a  woody bamboo feel with a picturesque view and modern exteriors. Each room is suitable for a family of 3-4 member’s(Couple with 1 or 2 kids) with basic amenities like toilet.
Bamboo Hut
Rustic experience in a bamboo hut with basic amenities like toilet and with Warli paintings to add more feel for a stay. Bamboo Hut is located amidst coconut trees which gives spectacular panoramic view of the greenery of a farm and sunset view and is only minutes away from Fishing lake, perfect for guests to relax and get in touch with nature, yet it is within close proximity to town.
Animals, birds, farms and nature are few things which Agro-Tourism could offer to the tourist. There are various types of Birds like cockatiel and different colours of love birds. This place is also a paradise for bird watchers. Birds of rare species like Bharatdwaj is seen here.
Bullock Cart Ride
We also offer bullock cart ride to tour are farm especially to the senior citizens and physically handicapped visitors.
This is one of the oldest departments of our farm. We have gober gas plant connected to dairy which provides cooking fuel to our kitchen. Patting dairy animals and milking the cow is a wonderful experience to most of the urban folks.Informatin on gobar gas becomes vital for many college and school youths who visit our farm.folks.Informatin on gobar gas becomes vital for many college and school youths who visit our farm.
Fish Pond
We have a big pond with various types of fish like Rohu, Katla etc. which we usually show to our guests and provide information about the same.
Fruits Plantation
We have fruit plantations like coconut, lime, banana, pomegranate, papaya, chikoo and many more fruits plantation. We also supply these fresh fruits to markets in which chikoo and banana on large scale. In banan we have different varieties like Velchi Musa,Red Banana etc.
Gardening & Farming
People come to our farm to enjoy natural ambiance.Some of them like to work in the farm by actually dirtying their hands in mud and participating in our farm activities which acts as "a change".
Goat Farm
We have different breeds of goats like Pashmina, Jamnapari, Berari, Kathiiawari, Surti, Deccania or Osmanabadi and few local breeds
Turkey occupies an important position next to chicken, duck. Indigenous and non-descriptive turkeys are found in good numbers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh and some other parts of India. Turkey meat has nutritional and sensorial properties which make it almost ideal raw material for rational and curative nutrition. People prefer turkey meat because of its leanest nature. The protein, fat, energy value of turkey meat are 24%,6.6%, 162 Calories per 100 gm. of meat. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids and low in cholesterol. So it could be a good evening to have it for a meal.
Rajhans (Swan)
In Farm we have kept Rajhans which takes care of surroundings and keep area free from snakes.
Rest House
We have Rest House with single rooms and dormitory has a garden view equipped with all modern facilities. New Rest house amidst the farm is also in progress which is near pond and surrounded by coconut trees.
Species of Flowers
Different species of flowers have been planted like Water Lily, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Jasmine etc. which add an aroma to the fresh air of an Agro Farm.
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